I like to work with few clients at a time, and build strong relationships that last. Here are a few of them, and what they say about me. You can read a sample of the text by clicking on the logos.


The Republic of Cordoba, Xavier Fourtou,

Fauves Editions, 2020

A quirky fairytale for adults, beautifully illustrated by Lisa Chaput.

"This evening, in my orange dungarees and in your company, I feel saturated by the sun. Since discovering Spain [...] I am more nectarine and less rhubarb. I see four-leaf clovers and fewer poisonous mushrooms. More cherries and fewer turnips.Thanks to flamenco, my life will become less tripe..."


Paris-based online platform for buying and selling high end modern and contemporary art, set up by Antoine Van de Beuque (formerly Vice President of Wildenstein Gallery, Paris). Translation of artists' biographies, interviews with artists, press releases and correspondence for almost two years, until the business was forced into compulsory liquidation.

"Sally est une traductrice très efficace par sa compréhension subtile du texte, sa rapidité d'exécution et son style d'une grande élégance. De plus, c'est une personne charmante qui sait vous écouter et réagir avec intelligence. Pour tout dire, c'est un plaisir de travailler avec elle." Martine Heudron, Art Historian, Artviatic


Brexit Dreams by Xavier Fourtou, a French psychoanalyst living in London. A literary 'study' of the impact of Brexit on Europeans based in the UK, structured around Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams. (13 000 words)

"Sally’s translations are precise, fluid, both faithful to the original text and creative at the same time. She is always open to discussion and willing to exchange about different translation options." Xavier Fourtou, author


An Ordinary Grandfather (3 volumes) by Xavier Fourtou. A biography of the author's maternal grandfather, tracing the wider family through the three wars of 1870, 1914, 1939. (Originally self-published as Un grand-père sans histoire, total of 220 000 words)Now with a UK agent, being prepared for submission to editors. 

"The program we had established, quite challenging in terms of deadlines, was perfectly respected. During the one-year we closely worked together, Sally has always shown the highest professionalism in all possible ways. She is a very reliable person to work with." Xavier Fourtou, author



A firm offering advice and training to organisations and governments. Translation of texts relating to a series of projects in French-speaking African countries for a United Nations mobile application. 

"Thanks for your extremely efficient and professional response to the task." Jem Thomas, Albany