Intensive French 


A week's course, for rapid improvement


'A year's worth of learning in just one week' Read full review here!


Learning French isn't easy. And sometimes it feels as though it's going to take a lifetime to make any progress at all - but that's where an Intensive French course can really help. After a week's course, you'll have an understanding of the language that will help you to confidently use what you've learned, and adapt it to different situations.


I have been teaching French since 2011 to individuals and groups, and during that time I have seen what people living in France really need from French lessons in order to feel more confident in their day-to-day interactions. I devise my own materials that are practical and helpful. They focus on giving you a solid foundation, that you can then go away and build on.


Make rapid progress with an intensive French course that is tailored specifically to your individual needs!


*  a 15 hour course, spread over 5 days (this can be across 1 or 2 weeks), in 3 hour sessions.

*  a free planning lesson to find out what you know already, and to agree the focus of your course.

*  a programme tailored to your needs, with materials for extra practice and homework.


Lessons are relaxed and enjoyable, with a focus on improving confidence and accuracy. They can be tailored to any level, but are ideal for beginners.


Prices are 250 euros for 1 person or 300 euros for 2 people of the same standard. (If you come with someone of a different standard, neither of you will be able to progress as you would like.) 


Lessons are in Chourgnac, 24640. 


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